Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand!

Philonise Floyd Took to the World Stage this week to speak truth to power, but he failed to mention many things that could have been addressed.

This Audio Blog is my take on what he might have added in his comments.

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Americas Sleepless Malice

The Death of George Floyd and What it Could Mean for America

At the making of this Blog post many cities in the United States, Including my own home town are under curfew or a subject to massive protest because of what was allowed to happen after the murder to George Floyd.

Days passed as the D.A failed to act in bringing Derek Chauvin to Justice, the Result is what you have been seeing on your TV over the last few days.

At Home in the Land of My Fathers 2019

By Muhammad Bey


Noora And Muhammad Together At Giza 2019

This is a Complimentary Blog outlining many of my experiences while in Egypt During 2018 and 2019

The Writings, Videos and Photos here are part the EXODUS FILM PROJECT.

Due to my schedule I will be updating this Blog throughout 2019 and Beyond, so please be patient for new updates.

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Muhammad Bey