The Hardest part of Cutting the Check for Reparations will not be finding the money or Finding the People to make the payments to.

It will be over coming the strong mental conditioning, not unlike the brain washing of the cold war movies, where white people in America have been indoctrinated with the propaganda of black inferiority and the Religion of White Supremacy.
Due to the rise of the Black Media in the United States and the contributions of countless persons, the Idea of Paying Reparations is becoming more palatable to white America than at any other time in our History.
This Audio Blog addresses the hard points of HOW the Reparations payments can be made, NOT IF, But HOW!

Martin Luther King spoke of us coming to get our check!
50 Years Later, we are still coming to get our check and this Time we mean to have it!

Entire Generations of Black People were Born, Live d and Died in America without ever knowing Freedom, with being self possessed of their own bodies, with out knowing Dignity and Self Respect and that is a legacy that no one can defend or justify!

The One Man Debate 1965

How 55 Years on The Non Debate Between James Baldwin and William F. Buckley Still Matters

I call this the One Man debate because while James Baldwin was trying to explain the suffering of Black People, William Buckley was busy trying to obscure the issues of cool intellectual terms which were never meant to address the core issues the debate was meant to address. It was as if Buckley was in a the Colosseum in a fight with a Gladiator and tries to argue his way out of the Fight.

See the Whole Debate on Line at :

Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand!

Philonise Floyd Took to the World Stage this week to speak truth to power, but he failed to mention many things that could have been addressed.

This Audio Blog is my take on what he might have added in his comments.

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