The Hardest part of Cutting the Check for Reparations will not be finding the money or Finding the People to make the payments to.

It will be over coming the strong mental conditioning, not unlike the brain washing of the cold war movies, where white people in America have been indoctrinated with the propaganda of black inferiority and the Religion of White Supremacy.
Due to the rise of the Black Media in the United States and the contributions of countless persons, the Idea of Paying Reparations is becoming more palatable to white America than at any other time in our History.
This Audio Blog addresses the hard points of HOW the Reparations payments can be made, NOT IF, But HOW!

Martin Luther King spoke of us coming to get our check!
50 Years Later, we are still coming to get our check and this Time we mean to have it!

Entire Generations of Black People were Born, Live d and Died in America without ever knowing Freedom, with being self possessed of their own bodies, with out knowing Dignity and Self Respect and that is a legacy that no one can defend or justify!

You Cannot Save A Sinking Ship!

But you can get into a life boat and L E A V E.

Despite Years of Dedicated work to make America a better place and believing in a better tomorrow.
John Lewis held on to a beloved and yet flawed notion that America could be saved and that it was the duty of Black People to save America!
Black People had already built America and for that we are treated with scorn for demanding our portion in rights and to be treated with dignity.

It is not the duty of Black People to cure someone who enjoys their illness, to save the soul of someone who is happy with their state of affairs.

Black People are not required to save the soul of America!
Only an America that wants to be saved CAN Be saved and then only By its own Hand! For America to be saved from it fate , it leaders must listen to the voices of the unheard, in the streets of America, really listen!

Not as a strategic move to avoid more havoc but the begin the process of healing America’s long festering wounds!

This will only happen when the leadership of Washington and wall street stand aside or are pushed aside to make way for a government willing to make the hard choices needed to bring about real and lasting change!

Police Stations, Private Businesses, Police Cars and Private Property Have Burned because the Main Stream of America still holds on to the notion that you can have institutional injustice and Law and order all at the same time!

There is NO Leadership in Washington, the old are not listening to the Young who fill our streets and pull down the statues that glorify a racist and brutal past!


This Audio Blog Deals with the issue of How reparations can be paid and why they need to be paid! Below are links to more articles and resources about the Reparations Movement around the World.