Preview of the Slot Game “Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom”

In case you haven’t seen it, Who Do You Think You Are is a show where a different famous person appears on each episode to learn more about their ancestry. It’s in the name: it’s fascinating to learn who a celebrity is related to. Family trees of everyday people are just as interesting as those of famous people since we all have ancestors from different walks of life. Sometimes, the same ancestral notion may produce exciting outcomes in the casino world. Play’n GO’s Moon Princess served as the inspiration for this game’s progenitor, Sisters of the Sun, and the game’s full circle is now complete in Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom.

In its final form, Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom combines the Sailor Moon-inspired aesthetic of Moon Princess with the gameplay, features, and character statistics of Sisters of the Sun. As such, Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom is a 5×5 cluster-paying grid slot with a hefty complement of bonuses designed to up the ante on both rewards and excitement. While visually identical to the other three slots, this one is clearly more focused on the Christmas season. Snow, castles, pine trees, and, of course, three flying women who hiff modifiers into the board at strategic times all help set the tone for the holiday in this Play’n GO game. There are more holiday-themed slot machines, but you get the idea, and Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom offers a special twist on the holiday season.

According to the numbers, there is no clear winner between Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom and Sisters of the Sun. Both games have extremely unpredictable mathematical models with RTP values that range from 96.2% to 100%. The odds of winning are around 1 in 100 million, but the potential is significantly greater than that of the original Moon Princess. Any device may be utilized, and bets can vary from 20 percent to £/€100 to simulate an anime-themed vacation.

When three or more identical symbols appear in a row, either horizontally or vertically, from any starting position, the player is awarded a win. After a win is determined, the winning symbols are withdrawn and the remaining symbols in view drop down, giving you another chance to win. After a successful three-symbol combination has been eliminated, a wild symbol will replace the middle symbol. The seven other pay symbols can be replaced by the wild symbol. There are three princesses and four Christmas ornaments arranged in a vertical line, from bottom to top. If you get five princess symbols in a row, you win 10 times your wager, and if you get a mix of princesses in a row, you win 5 times your wager.

Feature-Rich Slots from the Holiday Kingdom of the Moon Princess

With the same bonuses as Sisters of the Sun and a brand new one called “What, the Fox,” Moon Princess: Christmas Kingdom packs a lot of bang for your buck.

Profit Increaser

After each round, mistletoe is placed in any five adjacent grid cells at random. A mistletoe boosts the win multiplier by one point if it is used in a victory. The win multiplier is reset between spins in the regular game, however it does not reset during free games.

Strong Women

A Girl Power feature can activate at random on any losing spin. There are a total of three, and each represents a different trigger for a different princess. This includes:

Transforms one set of symbols into an other set of symbols.

A star will grant the grid an extra wild sign or two.

Storm – wipes out two groups of game icons.

Trinitarian Attribute

If the fox scatter symbol appears, you will receive 1 additional free spin. Scatters can show up at any time, either during the first spin or after the fact thanks to the What, the Fox mechanism.

If a symbol drop does not result in a win when Trinity is active, a Girl Power modifier will be applied until all three have played a turn. Crucially, free spins are triggered if the grid is completely empty during the Trinity Feature. In addition, players receive 50 times their wager if they manage to clean the grid on a standard spin.

Bonus Turns

Players who trigger the free spins feature can select from the Love, Star, or Storm themes. The number of bonus spins awarded by free spins can range from 4 to 8. The chosen Girl Power modifier activates on every losing spin during free spins, and the number of mistletoe places grows from 5 to 10. Remember that the Trinity feature cannot be used at this time, but that the free spins feature may. If the Love, Star, or Storm scatter symbol appears, you will receive 4, 3, or 2 free spins, accordingly. There is a limit of 150 free spins.

Moon Princess, Kingdom of Christmas Slot Review

Play’n GO has taken its users down a peculiar path to this point. The original Moon Princess was reworked into Sisters of the Sun, and then this Christmas special was made using a clone of Sisters of the Sun with a Moon Princess makeover. Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom isn’t the most conventional Christmas-themed slot machine, but it has a lot of charm, thanks in large part to the beautiful women who play the key roles, and the extras are really cool, too.

It’s likely that even gamers who never got to try the original Moon Princess are aware of how fun it is. Like a stocking stuffed to the brim with goodies, it was bursting with character and unique traits, and the payoff wasn’t bad, too. Sisters of the Sun improved upon the original by expanding its potential and adjusting its features to raise the risk associated with achieving its potential rewards. It accomplished this mostly by restricting players to only get free spins via the Sisterhood feature, or Trinity as it is referred as in-game. This change made it such that you could no longer enter the bonus round if a scatter did not appear on the very first spin. The ‘What, the Fox’ mechanism in Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom fixes this problem. Even while “What, the Fox?” isn’t likely to be a big hit, its presence encourages a more optimistic outlook. Everything else about Sisters of the Sun remains the same, including the maximum win of 15,000x the initial wager.

It’s likely that a lot of work wasn’t put into building Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom or any of these other Christmas knockoffs. It’s hard to think of many reasons why players wouldn’t fire this up if they’re wanting some Christmas-based grid slot action, especially because the additional features are pleasant additions and the game is as enjoyable as any other Moon Princess or Moon Princess-inspired slot.

To Not Lose

Check out Santa’s Stack by Relax Gaming if you’re looking for another slot machine with a Christmas theme. Built with 8-bit graphics, it may pay out as much as 20,000 times your initial wager.






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